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The family of Duckweeds (Lemnaceae) are:

  • aquatic, growing floating in still or slow-moving water,
  • already around the globe, except in the coldest regions,
  • the smallest known flowering plants,
  • their growth can be extremely rapid, even duplicating every 2 days in good conditions.

Lemna is one of the best known of this group and has been the subject of much research on basic plant development, plant biochemistry, photosynthesis, toxicity of hazardous substances, and much more.

Duckweeds had also extremely important applications in bioremediation, fish production, animal feed production, biofuels and biopolymers.

Habitat & distribution


Botanics and classification

The Duckweed family and it's genus: Wolfiella, Spirodela, Lemna, Landoltia, Wolffia (courtesy of Ryan Gutierrez).
Genus frond size (mm) Distribution Characteristic/s
Wolfiella Example Example Example
Spirodela Example Example Example
Lemna Example Example Example
Landoltia Example Example Example
Wolffia Example Example Example