Rolling Up Our Sleeves, Creating the Duckweed Industry from the Water Up

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Author: Tamra Lynn Fakhoorian, International Lemna Association


Outline of early-stage industrial development of duckweed to present day, address current production and processing challenges, offer specific opportunities for researcher engagement, and outline conceptual business models based on real-world trends in climate and water challenges, human population growth, fishmeal depletion, and GMO attitude shifts.

File: file:Rolling_Up_Our_Sleeves_-_Creating_the_Duckweed_Industry_from_the_Water_Up_-_Tamra_Fakhoorian_-_ICDRA-Kyoto-2015.pdf, 3,9 Mb pdf.

This presentation is included in the Special issue #10 of the ISCDRA published after the 3rd ICDRA.